Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Looking back at Year One of Secure Code Warrior

27th of January. Exactly one year ago, Secure Code Warrior became the full-time job of Colin, Jaap and myself. We moved into an office in Sydney and started working on our mission "To make the world a more secure place by developing an innovative education platform that will change the way developers behave".

Two weeks ago (Jan 2016) almost the whole core team (now 8 people) came to Sydney and we sat down looking back at what we have achieved in the last 12 months. 

As a proud CEO, I wanted to share some of our achievements, especially the fact that we are now a real start-up company (leaving bootstrap behind) with not only people trialing the platform but even organisations paying to use our platform to train their developers in secure coding.

We have also organised some events and attended a number of conferences, meeting interesting people, getting feedback from developers and security people and having fun while doing all of that. The best feedback came from software engineers (who played on the platform for a few hours). We learnt so much from our end-user testing and first pilot client. They gave us input on how to make the platform more intuitive,  how to make the environment accessible for new starting developers and how to keep it engaging for experienced coders. This allowed us to implement improvements on our platform!

Fatemah at AusCERT (Australia, June 2015)

First User Testing with a random bunch of ex-colleagues, developers and smart security people who were willing to test our platform in return for pizza and beers (Australia,  July 2015)

First Client Pilot with real software developers (Switzerland, August 2015)

Colin and Fatemah at AISA National Conference (Australia, October 2015)
Kurt from our partner NVISO at NATO NIAS (Belgium, September 2015)
Jaap and John at JAVA One (October 2015)
Nicole and John at WebSummit (November 2015)

Looking forward to a successful 2016 with this awesome team!