Monday, July 25, 2016

New Platform Features for July 2016

In order to keep our customers, readers and resellers updated on new features, we are now regularly going to blog about the new things we are building in the platform. Here are the two new things we have added in the last months:

  1. Progression Metrics in Language and Maturity
  2. Administration improvements allowing co-branded emails and bulk-invitations using CSV

More details on these can be found here below.

Your Statistics - Language Progress and Maturity Requirements

The following two metrics have been added to the platform to give both developers and managers a more detailed view of their (or their team's) progress from both a language and maturity perspective.

Developers are now able to view under "My Statistic" what is required to progress to the next levels of maturity:
  • Points - that can be earned by solving hands-on challenges
  • Accuracy - measures how many questions you have correct versus incorrect
  • Time - measures how much time you have invested in training yourself
  • Challenges - measures how many challenges you have played
This developer has just started on the platform and can see what is required to become "Security Aware"

Developers are also able to view their progress for the languages that they are completing the skills development for.

The following view shows that this developer has completed 8% of all available challenges in JAVA Enterprise, of which:
- Training Ground - Most Critical Weaknesses is almost done
- Training Ground - Common Weaknesses is half-way done
- Defend Your Code - eBanking not started
- Defend Your Code - Cloud File-Share not started
- Defend Your Code - eCommerce not started

To allow managers to get a view of how each developer in the team is progressing through the languages they have been assigned, managers can now see progress bars in the leaderboard view. 

Progress bars can be seen for each language the developer has been assigned.

If a manager wants to see more details of the progress in the languages, he can further drill down by click on an individual.

Administration Improvements

Based on requests from our enterprise clients, we have implemented the following features
  • Bulk Invites - To allow for a large number of developers to be invited to the platform, we now have a bulk upload. Email addresses can be uploaded via CSV simplifying the invitation process. 
  • Co-Branded Emails - Email invitations to developers and all other communications can now be co-branded with the clients logo to make it more familiaer for developers. For our enterprise clients, we can fully customise the template and email address from which that email is sent from. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

You're into Coding, Security and Gaming? Join the Secure Code Warrior team

Do you want to be part of the most awesome Cyber Security Start-Up in Australia?

Our most important requirement is that you are AWESOME in everything you do

  • an AWESOME passion for cyber security and hacking
  • a passion for building AWESOME things that impact the cyber world
  • be an inspiration to others 

Here are the different skillsets were are looking for

DevOps and Security Engineer

Product Manager

Full Stack Developer (Junior) Node.JS

Full Stack Developer (Senior) Node.JS

If you are interested (or anyone you know) in any of the following roles, please get in touch through