Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Engagement Metrics Enhancements

Several of our clients have requested to be able to see the progress of their developers over a period of time to understand how they are progressing and at what rate this is happening. To help to address this we have added some new metrics to allow them to better measure this.  

Team Managers and Company Admins are can now view changes in statistics of developers over a period of time. This can be used to visually track user progress through the management leaderboard or through a CSV extract which can be used for further reporting.

Progress of points and hours spent are shown over a specified period

CSV snapshots can be used to perform analysis on these newly added engagement metrics. Managers can get a view of which users have played the most challenges or who have improved the most over a chosen period of time. This type of reporting can help to identify things such as those who are eligible for rewards and those that have not been spending enough time on the training.

CSV results with additional metrics

By default, these metrics are turned off in the leaderboard. These can be enabled in the company preferences module.

Ability to switch on time metrics in company preferences