Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday Secure Code Warrior!

It has been two years now since we made a leap into the unknown and started working on our mission to change the (insecure) behavior of thousands of developers globally
  • 20,000 hours of hands-on exercises have been consumed in the last year by developers located in 62 countries. Every day around 100 users are online improving their secure coding skills because they want to become better and more secure developers.
  • Two of the global banks and two US credit companies are our customers as they understand that moving faster (Agile/DevOps) means automation and more autonomy (also in security architecture and secure coding). Most of them have realised that video training has failed to build skills and classroom training is not scalable or economically efficient for hundreds of developers.
  • We released more than 50 free learning modules on secure coding under Common Creative (allowing any person or company to re-use) and have facilitated free hands-on workshops on secure coding at NDC Sydney, OWASP Melbourne, OWASP BeNeLux, OWASP London, OWASP Delhi, CyberSecurityChallenge Belgium and NULL Singapore.
  • Next to our hands-on Training Mode, we have built Assessment Mode to verify competency and Tournament Mode (in beta) to create the required engagement with developers by gamifying even further. Next to supporting JAVA Spring, JAVA Enterprise an C# MVC, we have added hundreds of challenges for C# MVC, Node.js, Ruby on Rails and Python Django.
We expanded our sales and engineering capabilities and are now present in Boston, London, Sydney, Bangalore and Bali (our engineer with the best life-work-balance).

We also received quite a lot support from early-adopter clients (in Australia, Switzerland, US and Belgium) with lots and lots valuable feedback that have led to all the improvements, content and new features! And a year later, all of them are still our clients.

Last, we have received significant support from CSIRO Data61 (Australia, thanks Daniella), Craig Davies (ex-Atlassian, ACSGN) and an awesome bunch on individuals that have written articles, talked or tweeted about us. Thanks for your support.

We are extremely proud on having achieved all the above in our 2nd year! Toddler years ... bring it on!


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