Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly Activity Summary Reports through Email

We have received a lot of feedback from managers on how important it is for them to keep track of user engagement on the Secure Code Warrior platform.

Understanding key metrics and being able to report on these over time using the existing CSV download has proven to be very useful in not only measuring engagement over time but also measuring the progress of users. Using the data available managers can gain useful insights such as the ability to see what effect time spent on the platform has had on the secure coding skills of their developers as well as being able to identify key areas for improvement.

Tracking activity on a regular basis and reporting is something that our clients tell us they do to ensure the success of the platform. To help with this we have created Weekly Activity Reports that Team Managers and Company Admins have the option to receive weekly via email.

The email report provides managers with a snapshot of the activity of users on the Secure Code Warrior over the past week:
  • User Summary - overview of total, invited, enabled and new users who joined.
  • Training Summary - statistics on time spent, top performers and most engaged users in the last 7 days
  • Assessment Training Summary - overview of activity of users invited to complete assessments
Company Admins can enable these weekly activity reports via their preferences is their account settings. 

Weekly Activity Summary Report

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